Gary Bostock – Senior Board Advisor

Gary is a member of the FMG

He began his career in sales & strategy and quickly moved into the purchasing and selling of precious metal & gemstones, owning and managing two successful auction houses. He moved on to being commissioned to lead several public campaigns, recruiting and training field sales and in-store promotions for several major well-known UK companies.

In 2012, Gary negotiated with the original inventor of the SulNOx technologies and was then one of the original Co-founders of SulNOx Group Plc (in March 2013). He also created the name SulNOx, which is now a world branded name. He served for over 2 years as the CEO and negotiated many of the original agreements and contracts for SulNOx. Gary headed up the team that took SulNOx public, leading the negotiations with several major brokerage groups such as, Dowgate Capital, W.H. Ireland, including Allenby Capital, the current SulNOx brokers. He was the lead in listing SulNOx on the NEX market, now acquired by the London AQUIS Stock Exchange. He was also a major factor in raising the significant funds needed to List SulNOx. He is also the co-creator of the SulNOx additive product and was the lead with AB Gosh of Nouryon, negotiating and signing-off the terms of the original SulNOx/Nouryon manufacturing licence agreement.

He is also a senior advisor to the board of RemNOx, helping plan and implement the strategic growth and development of the RemNOx campaign. He brings over a decade’s experience, understanding and knowledge of the SulNOx/RemNOx current range of products and his marketing skills will add significant value to FORTecX.