FORTecx is headed by Dr. John Sutherlin, PhD, a professor at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He is a globally recognized eco-scientist, inventor, author, and producer of numerous environmental films.

He is well supported by his board of experienced directors, dedicated executives, successful board advisors and financiers.

FORTecx has now been able to attract and recruit a very successful team of inventors and entrepreneurial investors, long known as the ‘Founder Member’s Group’ [“FMG”]. Who, in early 2013, founded, funded and incorporated the now thriving Green technology company, ‘SulNOx Group’, see:, who have evolved into the worldwide leading eco Oil & Fuel Emulsification specialists and a significant public company, listed on the London Senior AQUIS Stock Exchange Change, trading symbol ‘SNOX’.

Following the success of their start-up Emulsification Eco Enterprise, the FMG now wish to support, fund and help deploy, advanced Water Treatment and Demulsification technologies, which are important aspects of the world’s ECO ambitions.

 Dr John W. Sutherlin PhD

Director & President

John Mittens

Director & Deputy President

Scott H Bruce

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Rick Leggatt

Director & Chief Technical Officer

Steven C Dunnett

Director & Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Bamford FCSI (Retired)

Senior Board Advisor

Gary Bostock

Senior Board Advisor

Adrian Towning A.C.I.S.

Senior Board Advisor

Courtesy of JJK Holdings Ltd