Rick Leggatt – Director & Chief Technical Officer

Rick is a member of the FMG

Ricky’s extensive experience and expertise in engineering and business management make him a valuable asset to the company’s leadership team.

Education and Achievements:

  • Automotive Engineering – Graduated with distinction from Northbrook College.
  • Ricardo Engineering Award – Recipient of the prestigious award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to engineering.

Professional Background:

Ricky Leggatt’s career is marked by significant entrepreneurial and technical achievements:

  • A co-founder of SulNOx Ltd – As one of the initial engineering technicians, he played a crucial role in the company’s early development and continues to influence its direction.
  • Owner and Founder of Margrasil UK – Established a successful company specializing in stone and granite, serving major house builders and the public for over 25 years.

Industry Expertise:

  • Motorsports – Active participant in various motorsports since 1990, particularly Legend Racing. He builds his own race cars that benefit from SulNOx products.
  • Machine Mechanics and Engineering – Proficient in working with a wide range of machinery and engineering projects across multiple industries.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Team and Individual Work – Extensive experience in both collaborative and independent work environments.
  • Design and Fabrication – Skilled in working with materials such as wood, metal, and stone. Proficient in welding, electrics, mechanics, and hydraulics.
  • Leadership and Training – Proven ability to take ownership of tasks, self-motivate, and maintain a positive, reliable, hardworking, and professional attitude.
  • Technical Proficiency – Computer literate with expertise in CAD/CAM, Microsoft Office Suite, and other relevant software.

Work History:

  • Director of Margrasil UK Limited (March 2000 – Present) – Manages all aspects of running a limited company, including overseeing the operation of CNC machines and heavy equipment, training new staff, and ensuring product quality.
  • Owner and Advisor of Various Small Businesses – Diverse experience in construction services, agriculture services, and garage workshop services.
  • Internet/Games Café (1996 – 1998) – Gained early entrepreneurial experience managing a technology-based business.

Ricky Leggatt’s comprehensive background in engineering, business management, and hands-on technical skills positions him as a highly competent and dynamic board member, contributing significantly to the strategic direction and success of FORTecX Environmental Inc.